Start with words

I saw sentences with “complicated” structure ever before, parsing them in my best looked like a lexical analyser drawing token tree word by word. A long time past, when I thought I were an old buzzing PC , I got the meaning if lucky I knew all the words at last.

No sooner had I found it the wrong way to learn English than I changed my idea. I should have read more, listened more, and writen more.

Ah, I had browsed a simple story written by an eight-year-old girl just now. That’s interesting. It seems my English level is lower than her.

Well, I will learn more words and write more in the next half year. As said the girl’s farther, just start with one page, with a single focus. Write it and publish it, and then iterate on that. Good luck.

more: If you don’t have functional English, learn it.