You Can't Write Perfect Software

It is a hard time. You were a pursuer of perfect software for a long time but had never reached it.

After running away from bogs of WTK code, you stopped, put one hand on the wall to steady yourself, had a deep breath and shuddered to think what happened just now. But guys you worked with looked over you from top to bottom, and snorted, “Dude, take it easy, Let it work, and let it go. It’s enough! Fucking elegance, fucking naming variable, fucking modular.”

Well,I care about the single space around the assignment operator. I care about a good variable name as important as the deadline of project. I care about a block in the write place, in the write method, in the write class. Maintainable codes are easy to maintain for every character I coded, every elegance expression I wrote, every legible variable I named, every method I refactored again and again. With the deadline got closed, I would let my code stand in its own right for a while. That’s it.

As is said, when everybody actually is out to get you, paranoia is just good thinking.[1]

[1]: From “The Pragmatic Programmer” Tip 30. by Woody Alien.