Macro `->`

Method chaining, also known as named parameter idiom, is a common syntax for invoking multiple method calls in object-oriented programming languages. Each method returns an object, allowing the calls to be chained together in a single statement.

In Clojure, macro -> is interesting to implement method chaining.

Let’s try to express 10 days ago!

(-> 10 days ago)

Which is exactly the same as:

(ago (days 10))

How about lein new app:

(-> lein new app)

Express html node action:

(-> element turn-bigger slide-down and-then hide)

Clojure Doc

Usage: (-> x & forms)
Threads the expr through the forms. Inserts x as the
second item in the first form, making a list of it if it is not a
list already. If there are more forms, inserts the first form as the
second item in second form, etc.
Added in Clojure version 1.0