Deploy clojre jar to clojars

Step 1: Install gpg and generate key

For Mac:

brew install gpg

Create a keypair with:

gpg --gen-key


$ gpg --list-keys

pub   2048R/2ADFB13E 2013-03-16 [expires: 2014-03-16]
uid                  Bob Bobson <[email protected]>
sub   2048R/8D2344D0 2013-03-16 [expires: 2014-03-16]

Get gpg public key:

gpg --export -a 2ADFB13E

Copy the entire output (including the BEGIN and END lines), and paste it into the ‘PGP public key’ field of Clojars profile.

Step 2: Configure

Edit (or create if not exist) ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

{:signing {:gpg-key "2ADFB13E"}}

Step 3: Edit your project.clj

Make sure no SNAPSHOT word in project.clj. and then execute lein deploy clojars:

spymemcat [master] % lein deploy clojars
No credentials found for clojars
See `lein help deploying` for how to configure credentials to avoid prompts.
Username: soasme
Wrote /Users/soasme/space/soft/spymemcat/pom.xml
Created /Users/soasme/space/soft/spymemcat/target/spymemcat-0.1.0.jar

您需要输入密码,才能解开这个用户的私钥:“Lin Ju (soasme) <[email protected]>”
2048 位的 RSA 密钥,钥匙号 9F86D5F8,建立于 2014-09-08

您需要输入密码,才能解开这个用户的私钥:“Lin Ju (soasme) <[email protected]>”
2048 位的 RSA 密钥,钥匙号 9F86D5F8,建立于 2014-09-08

Sending spymemcat/spymemcat/0.1.0/spymemcat-0.1.0.pom (3k)
Sending spymemcat/spymemcat/0.1.0/spymemcat-0.1.0.jar (9k)
Sending spymemcat/spymemcat/0.1.0/spymemcat-0.1.0.jar.asc (1k)
Sending spymemcat/spymemcat/0.1.0/spymemcat-0.1.0.pom.asc (1k)
Could not find metadata spymemcat:spymemcat/maven-metadata.xml in clojars (
Sending spymemcat/spymemcat/maven-metadata.xml (1k)