A Clojure memcached client library wraps spymemcached. Source: soasme/spymemcat

Lein Usage

To use spymemcat, put dependency to project.clj:

[spymemcat "0.1.0"]

Basic Usage


(use 'spymemcat.core)


A memcached client using text protocol is default.

(def memcached-client (client-factory "localhost:11211"))

All valid commands should under with-client scope:

(with-client memcached-client)
  (set "test" 1 3600)
  (get "test"))

Store commands

(with-client memcached-client
  (set "set-key1" "value" 3600)
  (add "add-key1" "value" 3600)
  (replace "replace-key" "value" 3600)
  (touch "touch-key" 3600))

Get commands

(with-client memcached-client
  (get "key1") ;= 1
  (gets "key2") ;= {:cas 1 :value 1}
  (get-multi ["key1" "key2"]) ;= {"key1" 1 "key2" 1}

Delete command

(with-client memcached-client
  (delete "key"))


Copyright © 2014 Lin Ju (@soasme).

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.