Writing Effectively

I have to admit that writing technique documents, especially documents that written for small tools, is not a breeze at all. Although they shared a similar structure, I still think it hard to describe a thing with no vague. No mention that I am not a English native speaker.

Recently, I have been working on several projects. I am thrilled to see these little creatures born and grown up. And most importantly, I am starting to write documents effectively for these projects. This should be a significant improve for me, I suppose.

Writing documents teaches me the responsibility of maintaining a project. It helps me keep motivated as well. I may not document my projects well now, but I promise that these documents will be involved at last.

Programmers tend to be lazy on documenting their side-projects, which does not means that documenting is unnecessary. On the contrary, I started to believe that DOCUMENTING IS F**KING SAME IMPORTANT AS CODING. The intuition, standard, and design paradigm are really big. And that is why we have so many rfc documents that described the entire cyber world we are living nowadays

As a result, I will keep more focus on WTFD effectively.