We have been in Wellington for two weeks. Taz asked us how long we have been here. We answered him, and he said time passed so fast.

We came to Wellington through Northern Explorer, a scene viewing train in New Zealand. In this journey, we saw so many sheep and cows, all standing or laying down on the grass ground. We decided to stand on scene-viewing platform our entire journey, since we had never seen such huge amount of creatures before.

We meet an old friend Tony at the corner of street. It’s far more beyond surprised, as the probability of meeting someone in an unfamiliar city is like 0.000001%. His wife and he offered our a load of information, which is important to us. Thanks so much!

Yay, A great thanks to Sarah & Taz (Hello, Holly) as well. Thanks for their kindness and generous helps. We are so happy living in their house. Well, actually, we called it “home”. It’s in churton park, surrounded by hills and fogs.

We were going to buy a used car in Wellington. But it turns out too early. Wellington is such a small city. Although taking bus costs a lot, it’s still worthwhile.

Both my dear wife and I love Wellington now. We believe that this is really a perfect city to settle down. Although it’s hard to forecast the future.

Most of the time, I wrote codes and did technical readings. I sent my resume to any potential employers in the rest of the times. It’s so close to Xmas, so I guess most companies won’t open their positions (SAD). I refreshed the job seeking site these days, but there is no updates eventually. This is frustrating. But I have to tell myself that it’s fine. To tell the truth, I have only sent four or five resumes out. That’s not lame for me. It’s because there are only a few jobs after November.

After all, I got a telephone discussion today. It is a good start. I will do some programming tomorrow and finish the technical test.