Write Book

This is a very casual workday afternoon. Just want to take a quick break now and write down some of my thoughts here. I never expect I could stand here listening “世界が終るまでは” when I was young. How I wish I could told myself at that time that life is changing all the time. I admit that this old song recall me so much. Those memories are too vague to read now. I’m trying my best to figure out who I am and what person I am going to be, with regards to things I did.

I took a lot of time adjusting my life track these years. And I’m so happy that my wife supports me at all time. For the next many many years, I don’t have ability to foresee what’s going on. But I’m for sure one thing that I will get close to the things I’m pursuing.

For years, I’ve spent a lot of time writing tons of shit codes and producing very little things. I’m not satisfied with the result at all. I failed to keep my enthusiasm long and strong. It’s too often I jumped into another project before I finished it. Side-project is some kind of poison. Some people claim you could get great benefits from building side project. But I started to doubt that. I’d say it’s like I’m wasting my efforts doing something meaningless. One thing I could learn from it is probably the experience, which I would say it’s much less than what I earned from work.

The aha moment isn’t too late for me I guess. Some years ago, my boss asked me if I’m rich, then what would I do? I answered him that I would stay at home, learning stuff and write book. I didn’t realized that I’ve already pictured my ideal life. The condition here is not that important at all. Even if I’m not rich, I could still run these things as well. So why not start now.

That’s it. I’m writing a new book now. Normally I won’t say things too early. But I think I’m walking on the right track now. I don’t know how useful it will be. But for me myself, it has shown positive feedback now. When I started to explain things simple but accurate, I found it much harder than I thought. Without gaining a deep knowledge of one thing, I couldn’t explain it well. That intrigues me to keep learning.