Build Peppa PEG

Assume you have cmake and gcc/clang installed.

$ cmake -E make_directory ./build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

More Cmake options include:

  • -DENABLE_UNISTR=On: Enable building with libunistring.

  • -DENABLE_ADDRESS_SANITIZER=On: Enable building with Clang AddressSanitizer.

  • -DENABLE_MEMORY_SANITIZER=On: Enable building with Clang MemorySanitizer.

  • -DENABLE_CHECK=On: Enable building and running checks.

  • -DENABLE_DOCS=On: Enable building documentations.

  • -DENABLE_DEBUG=On: Enable building with CC -g (debug) option.

  • -DENABLE_OPTIMIZATION=On: Enable building with CC -O2.

  • -DENABLE_CLI=On: Enable building command-line interface (utility peppa).

  • -DENABLE_VALGRIND=On: Enable building with valgrind.


Running the test suite requires Python3.6+.

If you have a difficulty having a complete development environment for Peppa PEG, try Docker:

$ docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/app -it ubuntu:latest bash
# apt-get install git gcc gdb valgrind make cmake libunistring-dev python3 python3-venv python3-pip doxygen
# // you have all the dev-dependencies now.

If you have Valgrind installed, you can enable ENABLE_VALGRIND.

# cd build

To build test,

# cmake -DENABLE_CHECK=On ..
# cmake --build . --target check

To build docs,

# cmake -DENABLE_DOCS=On ..
$ cmake --build . --target docs

GitHub Actions

Peppa PEG uses GitHub Actions building docs whenever a change is pushed to the main branch.

The docs site is pushed to gh-pages branch and published to <>.